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- 100% real egg
- Real milk
- Cupcake paper imported from Denmark
- Soften, Delicious, Less Sweet
- Nutrition, good for heath

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Flavour: Butter Milk, Strawberry
Package Format (SKU)
    + 132g Box (22g x 6 packs) x 20 boxes/carton
    + 264g Box (22g x 12 packs) x 10 boxes/carton
Product of Vietnam

Introduct of Custard - Butter Milk 264 g
-Net wt.: 264g
-Brand: Custard
-Preservation Condition: Display or store the product in a cool, dry place, keep away from direct sunlight
-Safety Warning: Use products in 45 minutes after opening the direct packaging
-Expiry Date: 1 year

Custard Introdution
Custard Buttermilk, strawberry, cheese filling with delicious, soften, less sweet, baked in high-grade Denmark's cupcake paper, suitable for either year-end party, family member's gathering or TET gift basket to close friend, colleagues