Product information

Castana Cookies

Castana Cookies

- 100% real egg, real butter
- Crispy & delicious 
- Cupcake paper imported from Denmark
- Traditional Tet gift

Flavour: Mix
Package Format (SKU)
    + 395 g Tin x 12 tins/carton
    + 445 g Tin x 12 tins/carton
    + 595 g Tin x 8 tins/carton
Product of Vietnam

Introduction of Castana Cookies Hoa Xuân 595g
-Net wt.: 595 g
-Brand: Castana
-Preservation Condition: Display or store the product in a cool, dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.
-Safety Warning: Use immidiately after openning the package
-Expiry Date: 2 years

About Castana brand
Traditional round tin with eye-catching spring flowers & "Phuc Loc Tho" image meaning of luck will help customers have variety of choices from packaging to size, weight. The combination of cookies assorted is suitable for those who demand to present or use in traditional Tet gift basket but meaningful.