Product information

Toppy One

Toppy One

- 100% real egg
- Real milk
- Cupcake white chocolate
- Chocolate covered with spinkles
- Cupcake paper imported from Denmark
- Soften, delicious, less sweet
- High nutrition

Flavour: Strawberry & Cheese
Package Format (SKU)
    +180g Box (30g x 6 packs) x 20 boxes/carton
    +360g Box (30g x 12 packs) x 10 boxes/carton
    +300g Box (30g x 10 packs) x 12 boxes/carton
Product of Vietnam

Introduction of Toppy One Strawberry Filling 360g 
-Net wt.: 360 g
-Brand: Toppy One
-Preservation Condition: Display or store the product in a cool, dry place, keep away from direct sunlight
-Safety Warning: Use products in 45 minutes after opening the direct packaging
-Expiry date: 10 months

About Toppy One brand
Cupcake white chocolate cheese/strawberry filling and sprinkles at above with developed recipe: less sweet, more delicous, soften, high nutrition, baked in high-grade cupcake paper imported from Denmark. Three-choices packaging, as 12 pack box and 6 pack box or 10 pack bag with bright, eye-catching design, suitable for either family, intimate friend gathering or gifts, reception in Tet