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Top'n Top

Top'n Top

- Chocolate cupcake
- Soften,less sweet
- 100% fresh egg,real milk
- Chocolate covered with sprinkles
- High-grade Denmark's cupcake paper

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Flavour: Chocolate/Strawberry
Package format (SKU)
+ 180g box (30g x 6 packs) x 20 boxes/carton
+ 360g box (30g x 12 packs) x  10 boxes/carton
+ 300g bag (30g x 10 packs) x 12 boxes/carton

Introduction of Top'n Top - Strawberry Filling 360g
- Weight: 360g
- Brand: Top'n Top
- Preservation Condition: Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
- Safety Warning: Use products in 45 minutes after opening the direct packaging
- Expiry Date: 10 months

About Top'n Top brand
Chocolate cupcake with chocolate filling and sprinkles at above bake on developed recipe: less sweet, more delicous, soften, high nutrition in high-grade cupcake paper imported from Denmark. There are 3 kinds of packaging as 6 pack box, 12 pack box and 10 pack bag, designed with main red color meaning luck suitable for family members party, intimate gatherings, receptions in the Lunar New Year or in Vietnam Tet gift basket.